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natalie brenner

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About NB

Hi, I'm so grateful you're here!

I’m Natalie, a wedding and portrait photographer living in the gorgeous pacific northwest, who travels from valleys and vineyards to beaches and mountains to photograph journeys and stories.

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I am to two sweet boys not even five months apart. I am a mama by blood and love—one of my sons joined my family through adoption while the other came shortly after through my body.

I am also a foster parent and currently have two girls in my home, who I feel privileged to call my daughters for today.

I call Portland, Oregon home.

I am also a writer and author.

I am a creative aching to create heirlooms for you, making safe spaces for each person who trusts me as their photographer.

Life is fleeting and I don't want any of us forgetting to create tangible pieces of our love to leave as a legacy.

Those real life moments of tears and joy, memories to be remembered? They are valuable and worth documenting.

Thank you for taking your time to be here, I hope you enjoy your time in my spaces. What a joy and privilege it would be to work with you!

photo by Natalie Brenner Photography

photo by Natalie Brenner Photography