Photo by Bethany Chamberlin Photography, based in Portland, OR

Photo by Bethany Chamberlin Photography, based in Portland, OR

About NB

Hi There, I’m Natalie, wife to Loren and mama to two sweet boys not even five months apart. I am a mama by blood and love—one of our sons joined us through adoption while the other came shortly after through my body. Our plan is to continue growing this sweet family through foster care and/or adoption.

We call Portland, Oregon home.

I am a writer and author.

I am a creative aching to create heirlooms for you.

My hope is to capture your truest self: beautiful and messy, genuine and authentic. With your horse or your dog, maybe your spouse or your best pal, with all the kids, or simply just you. Because you are simply beautiful and charming and worth capturing. Life is fleeting—but a vapor—and I don't want any of us forgetting to create heirlooms to leave as a legacy.

I believe that photography is an investment worth making, freezing time within frames to remember always. Photography freezes time and gives you something to hold onto—it would make my day to know you have something beautiful to show your grandchildren and great grandchildren. "Theses were the days of blessed mess and adventure."

Those real life moments of tears and joy, memories to be remembered? They are valuable and worth documenting.


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