Capturing you in your most natural habitat, one home at a time. There's not a more fun way to celebrate the dailyness of our lives, than to document it in professional, memorable ways. Freeze time, treasure the mundane, seize the day.

Where will my lifestyle session take place?

In your home.


At a time that is convenient to you and yours. We will work together to schedule your session.

How long will the session be?

Every in-home lifestyle session varies, but somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes.

How many images will I get?

At least 75, high resolution, fully edited images. You will also receive the rights to download and print them.

Wow, this seems really fun. What's the investment?


How do I book a lifestyle session with you?

The first step is to contact me. From there I will explain how to secure the agreed upon time. 

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