My 4 month son + me 36 weeks of me by Angie at Heartstrings Photography

My 4 month son + me 36 weeks of me by Angie at Heartstrings Photography

I love pregnancy.

I was a doula and birth photographer and have always loved pregnancy.

Documenting maternity sessions are often my absolute favorite. The love spread between mama and baby, daddy and baby, mama and makes my heart skip.

But I would be lying if I said dressing the pregnant body comes easy to everyone: it doesn't. Especially when it comes to a special occasion such as a portrait session.

I have put together this simple guide to help you figure out just what to wear. There are tips for dads too!

To begin with, here are some simple color contrasting techniques to keep in mind:

My favorite and most recommended color for maternity dresses or maxi skirts are white/transparent or pastel pink, but it is possible to find a pattern that works well.


Floor length, solid colored maxi dresses with chunky necklaces are flattering on a rounding pregnant body. The attention is brought to your beautiful bump while also smoothing out areas you may feel are troublesome. Textured maxi dresses are my favorite.

I chose a skirt for mine coupled with a black tank and then a bralette. 

what to wear for my maternity shoot
what to wear to my maternity shoot


It isn't impossible to find a flattering pattern, however, I recommend sticking to a solid color.

However, Caity totally did pull of the patterned dress from Motherhood Maternity.


Don't be too matchy with your partner. Coordinating? Awesome. However if you are both wearing blue, it will distract from what we are wanting to see.


A cute and simple skinny belt accentuates your baby bump. This will define your waistline.

what to wear to my maternity shoot
what to wear to my maternity shoot
what to wear to maternity session


Tight, fitted maternity dresses allow you to show off all your beautiful curves—absolutely stunning. Flowy dresses are more popular—they feel a little less revealing.

Both make stunning photos! Maybe bring one of each.


Maybe a hat, a chunky necklace, or that floral crown. Have fun with this!


You won't regret adding this sweet touch to your maternity session. I promise you. I PROMISE. 

what to wear floral crown


When we work together, I give you my full style guide which has an entire section for him. But for those of you I won't have the honor of working with, here are some quick tips:

Skip the tennis shoes. Go with non-jeans; if you need to have jeans, dark is best. Fitted instead of baggy pants. Solid colored shirts are best, throw on a blazer while you're at it. Trim your nails.

Seth & Elliott are great examples for men [Lacey, right pic, is not pregnant]:

what a guy should wear to a photoshoot

what to wear to your maternity shoot